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Venture Summaries

  • FFG transforms the equity release market through the Equity Preservation Smart Mortgage that monetises home capital without depleting home owners' equity.

  • Less capital intensive, lower risk smart mortgages with annuity features that combine with long term asset management and the protection of a full mortgage insurance wrap.  Customers carry no capital risk, no interest rate risk, no investment risk and critically no equity depletion risk.

  • Oracle led the seed round and continues to act as an advisor to the company.


  • The AWS Semi Rigid Wing Sail is the most exciting innovation in sailing since the 1930's transition from gaff rigs to sloops.  The SRW is a highly efficient wing section that can be precisely controlled and offers significant performance and sail handling benefits over the existing competition

  • The commercial potential for wind assisted cargo shipping should yield 30% fuel savings for bulk carriers and AWS offers significant operational advantages over the competition

  • AWS was an official supplier of IP to the America's Cup and is now installed on a range of leisure yachts up to 55ft

  • Oracle exclusively filled both the seed & bridge rounds and continues to act as an Advisor and Strategic Partner


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  • ARiwear is targeting Enterprise Clients in 2021 to deliver Next Generation Smart Safety Glasses in conjunction with a global leader in IT services implementation

  • Patented EGS lens allows both safety certification and an integrated prescription

  • The "Connected Worker" becomes a node on a scale free IT network enabling data capture, analysis and actionable insight

  • Oracle led the seed round and continues to act as an Advisor to the company


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  • Quincus is an enterprise SaaS platform that resolves daily supply chain challenges throughout the entire network

  • Quincus makes shipments faster and more reliable by automating manual tasks and optimizing operations. Powered by advanced technology, data analytics, and the team’s hands-on experience, the modular platform can be efficiently configured to suit any unique business model

  • Oracle partnered with TradeWorks.VC to fill the Series A round.  Our allocation was oversubscribed.  Going forward TradeWorks holds a board observer seat and will act as an advisor to the company


  • FreightBro is an intuitive digital platform that enables forwarders to procure rates faster, reduce inefficiencies, boost sales, make data-driven decisions and provide seamless customer experience

  • Oracle partnered with TradeWorks.vc to fill the Series A round.  Tradeworks holds a board seat and continues to advise the company.


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  • Ledgermatic is a solution suite that enables enterprise and financial institutions to modernize and automate corporate treasury services with native digital asset infrastructure

  • Ledgermatic futureproofs organizations for the emerging Token Economy while remaining secure and compliant in a dynamic regulatory environment

  • Oracle participated in the pre-seed round and advises the company on business development 


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  • Distichain is a SaaS trade engine powering B2B Marketplaces and empowering your community of Sellers and Buyers to trade securely and globally.

  • Distichain was created to reinvent cross border trade, all under a one-stop trading platform. Their mission is to impact SMEs to trade on a global scale, hassle free with zero offline interaction. Our solution not only has the full integrated capabilities needed, but allows the customization of various workflows and trade rules pertaining to a specific industry.


  • Patented 48v electric propulsion systems for both commercial and leisure marine use

  • Zero emissions, instant high torque, remote diagnostics, hydro-regeneration under sail

  • Oracle participated in the seed round and is a strategic commercial partner  


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  • Boombirds meets growing business demands, by digitising all office or field based processes to ensure compliance & elevate customer service quality. Drive rapid business transformation with cost-effective Software as a Service.


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Oracle Marine is the distribution platform for Oracle's Marine ventures and holds exclusive dealership rights for Advanced Wing Systems, Makai Yachts, Vision Yachts, Rapido Trimarans, and St. Francis Catamarans



The most exciting power catamaran launch of the decade! Built in Europe with inboard engines and disruptive design.  Available in 3 models: the M37, M37 Open and the M45 Cruiser.  The first M37 splashed June 2021.  Exclusively available through Oracle Marine